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Sunday, April 26, 2009

It must be pretty weird for me to be blogging at this hour,
but I'm currently at Bukit Panjang playing L4D. I saw something in the news,which I've been meaning to blog about it but didn't have the time.

And which I feel that it's really unfair of him to make such remarks.

Oooh yes,he JUST said that.
What right does he have?

Just because he is a international movie star,a familiar face in Singapore and well-loved by Singaporean for his comedies and Kung-Fu shows,owning a few condos and opening a few outlets in Singapore does not mean he can comment on us. That makes it even funnier,he has the properties here but dares to criticize us for not having self-respect. Isn't he afraid that people might just splash paint at his properties and boycott his business here? Yes,I suggest that we even boycott. Come on,if you're unhappy that you cannot eat chewing gum here,then getta hell outta here!

Saying that Singaporeans having no self-respect would end up having the government to control us. How about him? Does he have too much self-respect that he doesn't respect other's pride and reputation? He actually has a illegitimate daughter with Elaine Ng!
Click here to see the news.

Does he seriously have no idea about this child?
He is married but he goes around doing these kind of things to others,betraying his wife and children,flirt!

"In 1982, Jackie Chan married Lin Feng-Jiao (aka Joan Lin), a Taiwanese actress. That same year, the two had a son, singer and actor Jaycee Chan.
"In a 1999 scandal, he acknowledged all but paternity of a daughter with 1990 Miss Asia Pageant winner Elaine Ng, although paparazzi had also linked Jackie to everyone from the late Taiwanese singer Teresa Teng to sultry pop star and actress Anita Mui."

What kind of man is he?
Read and judge him yourself.

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