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Friday, April 24, 2009

I went swimming yesterday with Cheryl and Si Hui.
Pretty clean and cooling,it's a new swimming pool at Seng Kang.
Luckily there's not much people there to pee in the swimming pool.
Talk about Korea trip in the jacuzzi.
It's insane,Cheryl wants me to ride in the roller coaster with her!


You'll never know.
Prepare red rose with black ribbon for me if I didn't manage to come back.
You're welcome to bring the mask too.
(Phantom of the Opera style)
Hey,maybe I can have a masquerade funeral. Isn't it cool? You guys have got to be creative,design a mask and wear your best. But make sure it'll be a black-and-white masquerade!

Anyway,it'll be my first time. Make it fun!

Here's the funny thing which I promised Si Hui that I'll post about it.
We're swimming in the pool,Si Hui whispered to me that there's a Mr Hot-Pink-undies man teaching his son how to swim. And she kept giggling about it. And after awhile,Mr Hot-Pink-undies-who-finish-teaching-his-son man got up and started walking away.
I pointed out to Si Hui:

"Hey,that's not pink!"
"Weeeeell. It's pink under water!"
*Staring harder* "Okay,now it looks red."
*Giggles*"Cause he's out of the water."
*self-assures*"Nowwwwwwww it looks orange. O.o"
*Burst out laughing*"Cause it's dry!"

Yeah,right. Like it can dry within 10 seconds out of water!!!

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