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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Hello peepor!
Yes,I know it's 12am now and there'll be no one reading my blog but I'm still gonna update it no matter what. I came back from Johor on sunday!
Hehe,just went there on Saturday with Sponge, QR, CS,Brushup and BurningSunz.
Yeap,they're the SPI members,but we're there to enjoy and run away from the hectic life here.
I really did enjoy myself a lot there.
Sponge made a last minute decision to join us,yay! And CS will have someone to accompany him in the hotel,uh hum... Kidding! It rained as I waited for them at Singapore Checkpoint,Sunz haven't reach yet while QR and Brushup went in already cause I was taking too long to reach.
We had these food for dinner.
(Actually,it's brushup and QR's food. But we managed to koup some!)
Ours would be a very big portion of stingray,which was quite cheap.
As Sponge and CS were very tired(cause they ton the previous night with Burningsunz),
they went back to the hotel first while the rest of us head for movies at City Square.

This is what I saw when I came out from the movie theater.
I suppose you can spot the difference.

And we went back to the hotel afterward,chatted until around 1am when we heard shouts below our hotel. Oh yes,just to let you know,we're only staying on the third floor. And so,we opened the window slightly and looked out.
A fight going on down the street,the Malay guys were flinging metal chairs across the streets and beating up a Chinese guy. Some had beer bottles in the hand. Frankly speaking,I think it's the first time I see such a ferocious fight. A lot of people were watching,despite the Police Station being next to our hotel,shop owners had to personally pull them back in order to resume business. A couple of the Malays started talking out phones and punching in the numbers to call for back up. BurningSunz told me to wait and see later,if we hear a rumble of motorbikes,that meant back up has arrived and probably meant around 50-60 people. Scary...
And at 3am,Sponge said he wanted to eat mutton soup. So me,burningsunz and him went down to eat until 4am before going back to the hotel.

Before we left,we went to eat Secret Recipe because I've been whining about it since day 1.

Brushup and QR's brownie from Secret Recipe,it's delicious!

This is mine,MINE! YUMMY YUMMY!

Didn't manage to grab a pic of CS and Sponge.
A view while I was on the bridge and the rest were puffing away their cigg as they can't bring in to Singapore.

CS brought back probably around 6 empty cigg box,insane. He said it's for collection.
Anyway,we went back to Singapore and set down our things before heading for Queenstown Shopping Centre. The Limited Edition Adidas Jacket that I saw last time was not there anymore. CS bought his new pouch after losing one in mac with his spoilt psp in it,and QR & Brushup were very lat. Wonder what were they doing before they came out eh,hehe...
Hello Panda Milk,always my favorite.

After dinner at the hawker centre where QR met her grandma and brushup's future grandma-in-law,we went IKEA and walk walk. Gees,really enjoyed going out during the weekend. Going into Johor again next month!

Tea Cup from IKEA,isn't it small and cute?
Big bowl says to teacup:"SHOO. I'm bigger than you."
Teacup shoots back:"You SHOO. I can fly!"
And teacup soon found itself in many pieces.

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