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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

As you know,babes,I seldom blog about my school life.
I know perhaps you guys wanna know how is my school doing well,or see who do I hate in school yada yada,but usually no.
I accept if they hate me,cause it's their choice and only makes them tired.
I seldom hate people either,only dislike them at the point of moment,like the irritating things they do. Plus I usually don't hate people,those who are close or used to be close to me would know. I'm easy-going,okay. But just only,some retards make me really irritated.
Seriously,perhaps it's time for me to lash out at them here.
Come and read,it'd be better for me and I'd probably enjoy the twisted expression of the
guilty ones.
Hey. I might as well as make this my first one.
SHE thinks she's a prefect,so what? I usually don't see her doing her job. Not only that,her face irks me,just that I don't say out. Plus I'm only trying to be nice to her,doesn't mean that I'm quiet it means I AM NICE TO BE PUSHED around. Seriously,there are a lot of stupid people in this world who thinks quiet people are very nice to be bullied.
End of rant.

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