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Monday, April 20, 2009

As I was just now talking to a friend,I've got nothing much to blog about my life now.

Nothing interesting's up anyway unless you wanna hear me complain about crappy Singaporeans trying to squeeze their way into the MRT before people could get out.
Maybe another day.

Unless you wanna know that I went to Jurong Point to meet QR,Brushup and David yesterday.
I was actually at Jurong East already when Silly dear msg me,I wanted to tell him the truth when I suddenly thought,why not give him a surprise. Yeah,right. In the end,I took the wrong bus,went around 'exploring' Jurong and finally alighted at one unknown bus stop to find that that's the bus that I'm suppose to take to reach QR's place.
Yeah,talk about exploring =.=

As I reached,David went to the bus stop to find me,QR told me to hide while waiting for him to come back. As I tip-toed along to give him a scare from behind,he turned around and laughed as I froze on the spot upon discovery. Silly boy.
Went to eat at the hawker centre. Home.

Today,met up with David at CentrePoint to get his things done,pierce his ear. Sponge came to join us and we had lunch there. Wanted to ask QR and Brushup to meet up for movies at Bugis,but err hum *clears throat*
QR is shopping and brushup's paying! So unfair!*hint hint~*

David wanted to buy the Lady Gaga's cd for me,but I didn't want him to waste money.
I must have looked like superwoman,talking on the phone and trying to grab his wallet to stop him from buying. It's quite distracting,but at least I managed to wave to the cashier to stop before he can scan the disc. All 4(2 male cashier,sponge and david) looked me in surprise as I snatched the disc,march back to the rack and put it back while talking to QR on the phone. The guys laughed as I went back there to steal david's wallet before walking out of the store.
A bit disappointed that we couldn't watch movies together,haha,but perhaps I sort for took for granted that we're like routinely watch movies every weekend.

Anyway. Back to the point,Sponge went home,
David and I caught a movie "Taken" at Causeway Point.

Movie Review:


Rating: 4/5
Teenagers these days would love to travel with friends overseas,what more could you ask for if the destination is all around Europe? All you(Kim played by Maggie Grace) have to do,is just give a little lie to your over-protective-but-spot-on dad that you're going with your friend and her cousins when it's just the 2 of you!

You are Bryan Mills(Liam Neeson). You love your daughter. You have only 96 hours before you'll never find her again. Just when she's kidnapped within mere hours after she's landed in Paris,your very special set of Agent-trained-to-be skills comes into use even after you've retired. You absolutely shows no mercy to whoever that is involve in your daughter's kidnap. You can move like matrix(I'm just bullshitting) and avoid all the bullets shot at you(I'm not bullshitting). You'll not misfire a single shot,you'll use a lot of kungfu and head wrecking moves. You traveled to Paris,you've got connections,the ability to visualise,planned ahead,fake your identity and tadah,your daughter's back.
Safe and sound in your hands.

A very nice to watch movie,worth the money to watch.

*Btw,thanks to Jackie(jloi) who helped me edited my blogskin!

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