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Saturday, March 14, 2009

Yesterday,I'm so IN for a taste of chocolate.
Ferrero Rocher ran out on me,I have to eat Bao Chun's chocolates instead.
Gawd,that box cost like,almost $60?
There's this sweet little heart chocolate in the middle.

Love those chocolates from GODIVA,super nice.
The next day after Valentine's Day I already ate one.
Yesterday I feel like having one more,so I took the box of 6-1=5 out.
It feels suspiciously light,so I opened it gingerly and took a peek.
Feeling very irritated,I asked my mom if she ate.
Confirm is my bro now,so I asked him.



He ate it because he "WAS HUNGRY"!

Omg,I feel like killing him at that time.
So he didn't actually savour it,chewing it like what? Rice?
"Um-um-um,yummy and filling."
He could at least told me right? Happily keeping quiet. Smart brat,he didn't chose the middle one,knowing I would see it immediately and flare up.
I had 2 of these inside:
Still in there*whew*
Still there*another relief*
Okay lah,he ate around $30,like 3?
He's still my bro,I'll let him eat anything he wants la.

It's just a shock to see that the whole box of chocolates seem to disappear.
In order to calm myself down and cheer myself up a bit,
I ate the white one,now there's one left inside.
Sigh,you guys just buy me more chocolates to make me happy okay?
Ferrero Rocher will do, and please Bao Chun,don't buy me the $100+ ones from GODIVA.
If not,$100+ of chocolates would up in my brother's stomach for breakfast.

I heard my bro flushing the toilet just now,wow.
Did he happily shit out the chocolates? Or the chocolates gave him diahrrea?

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