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Monday, March 02, 2009

Went to O Point with XueTing and her friend to drink on friday.
She got dead drunk and her friend sent us back to her house.
From there,I just take a cab home.

And on sat went to have dinner with Sponge,QR,David and Justin since mom didn't allow me to go JB with sky. Well,dangerous mah. So we just had dinner at some place in Woodlands,stupid chee-na people who thought that people in smoking area don't need to drink. After that we went to Yew Tee park to talk and play psp while the guys went to 7-11.

We made a decision not to stay around there and wanted to go Lim Chu Kang Cemetery or play lan,I looked more forward to LCK Cemetery actually,because suddenly have the feel to see all gravestones and darkness after hearing the rest speak about their experience,so interesting! Why don't we play hide-and-seek there?

But we ended up heading for the lan instead,since it's a sort of a crazy hour to head there at 2am. We'll have to walk around there until like 6 or 7 for the first bus. The first one was closed,so we went for the second one,which was located even closer to LCK Cemetery!
Oh baby~
We ton the night playing L4D. Gosh,my second time playing it though,it's fun! I don't know how to be a hunter,so the rest just saw me anyhow clawing around. Justin and sponge teamed up while QR,David and me team up. The opposite team kept winning!
Pro la pro la.

Went home at 7am,had a good nap on the bus. Reach home and slept at 9am,woke up at 3pm.
Went for movies at 5.30 with BaoChun and watched the same movie as Clique had in the afternoon. Caught the 7pm show,

Marley and Me

Love this mixed Lab with golden retriever a lot!
The movie was all about them spending life with being first-time owners to keeping a dog.
I think those who wants to buy a dog should at least watch this first,then they can really understand about how a dog really is like. It is true that dogs but not all,would rip up your couch,try to trip you over so that the food just spills over and they can eat. But the thing they have a a backyard,which most of us don't have,so our dogs just pees all over the place. And the noise! Your neighbours would just call the police if your dog starts barking after 10,which is very impossible to control what time he/she barks. And in HDB,you can only keep the small little terriers.
No,no amount of letters to the housing board proclaiming your love for big dogs will give you the permission to do so.

So now what I have is my cute silky terrier,she's 11 years old and dying in the most,4 years time. I am going to kick her and hate her,don't feed her. Because I don't feel sad when she dies.
No la,you think I'll really be that evil? I will love and cherish my dog,and make videos of it!

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