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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Toodles, peep-pors!
I'm heading off to malaysia tomorrow,I totally need a break from the life in Singapore!
Nah,I'm not that kind soul visiting the kids in Kampongs playing with them,I'll be shopping in the capital of malaysia,KL!
Funny eh? Andy is coming back,Jess is here.
And I'm going there!
And again,if there'll be any spammers,ahh for the love of god,may heaven struck your breast and may you get BREAST CANCER. Yupe,that's how your breast will fall.
PS. Guys can get breast cancer too.

I've got the feeling that people would like me to create trouble by criticizing people in my blog.
Here's we go,have fun guessing who they are and if you're one of them,good luck to you darling:

Disgust me.(Something happened recently,only my close friends knew what happened.)
You're totally going to be gone from my life,and that doesn't give you the right to be angry and start hitting people.
Like they say:"It just isn't right,you should make a police report against him!"
I wish,but I don't have the courage to.
I believe in what goes around comes around.
I hope you'll never ever find true love,
Feel the pain of loving someone yet never held it in your hands.
You'll be made a cuckold,everyone will laugh at you. When you're old,frail,there'll be no one to take care of you. Money isn't everything. Work yourself to Death now,but you'll never be able to bring into the coffin. True,try doing what you said:
Sell off your assets when you're at 35,and you'll be filthy rich with landed property,best cars in town,which slut wouldn't swarm to you? We'll see what happens when you're at 65 if you ever does this at 35.

Funnay you.
Joker alright. But there's so many lies about you.
The more she tells me,the more disgusted I felt and all the more I shouldn't be dumb enough to have a crush on you. Even you said so yourself,you're too black inside already. Even I would pray for you to gain merits soon.

I have nothing to say,I don't know how I should face you.
I don't want you to fall for me,I have no faith in love anymore.
Especially,I told you before about what happened the previous,I was made used of?
We'll see how it goes from here.

A lil' crush on you though I could only be a good friend.
Wish the best of you and her,I'll still continue to help you and her to get together.

There's something I spent thinking for the past few days,I may have a malicious tongue for criticizing people a lot,I realised that I earned this from my previous ex-bf who was had a lot of ego,loves to criticize(and was absolutely true though it was mean).
People love sugar-coated words,people hate the ugly truth.
Which one would you like to know from me?

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