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Saturday, March 07, 2009

Hello guys!
I'm currently in a NTUC chalet at Downtown East,organised by my friends from SPI
also known as
Singapore Paranormal Investigation!

Just before I move on,I wanna say:
I have GASTRIC PAIN yesterday!

Yeah,it's no big deal but the funy thing is that it started half an hour during my physics lesson after my recess. It got worser and worser,despite drinking cups of warm water which I vomited out twice. And had diarrhea too. I was in a lot of pain,can practically said that I staggered to the clinic near my school.
It's not open!
Why the hell is it not open?
Why did it have a one-and-half-hour break?!
I'm a lot of pain you know,and you can happily have your lunch for 1 and 1/2 hour?!


Never mind,I m strong. I walk*staggered* to the bus stop and took my first bus,27.
Feeling very sick,I alighted after that highway and stood at the side of the road to puke for the second time. The people on the bus must be feeling weird that why is this girl alighting at a ulu bus stop and standing at the side of the road?

This is the second time that I vomited out water. And again,after that though it still hurt,I waited for the next bus and took the bus all the way home. Luckily soon after,all my buses came a short while after I arrived. I went to the clinic below my house,wanted to just take the gastric medication but the doctor refused. Alright,so seen the doctor,answered a few questions by her and the fee came up to

Okay lah,didn't seem to expensive for a private clinic but the consultation is probably about $30,which at polyclinic I could have it at $4.60 instead.
Forget it,once in awhile,also no choice. Too late to wait for the queue at polyclinic.
The doctor said that she suspected that it's not just a normal gastric but a gastric flu.

If 2 hours after I've taken the medicine and it still hurt,I'll have to go to the hospital!

I canceled appointment with YL to meet Alton,and stayed home to sleep instead.
Got my honey to give me a wake up call 2 hours later. Shan't tell you who is it.
It didn't hurt already after 2 hours,perhaps because I layed still while sleeping
(common thing to happen,my friends knows it)
and I met QR at Pasir Ris MRT around the evening before heading to the chalet together.
Gosh,quite a number of people there. Intel and Justin were the most crazy ones,smearing charcoal powder on their face to make beard,racing off to the NTUC chalet to collect the spare key because some dumb dumb left the key in the room and closed the door.
They had meeting,and then we came up to watch shutter. Stupid americans,copying the thai version ones. But the face of the ghost in the thai version is definitely scarier!
Kept screaming~

They fooled around,chasing each other and everyone kept laughing and laughing.
Hohoho,slept at 2-3 and woke up at 7.30 cause the rest are woke up and started screaming(they need to go work lah).
They sent Justin to the bus stop and we all went for breakfast at macdonalds.
Came back to enjoy our sleep while the rain poured on heavily outside,and we enjoyed cup noodles with sausage.

Poor me,I'm still in pain until now,do I have to go to the hospital?
*rubs stomach*
Alright,I have to go now,Justin and Intel has came back with one of their friends. Going for BBQ now,tata~

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