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Saturday, March 21, 2009

And hello,people. I'm back from KL with a mixture of feelings.
Gonna update with stuffs since last week,won't be stressing too much on each topic since it starts from last sat's SPI event.

It's 3am in the morning,I've just reached home and bathed.
I've got 35 emails waiting for me to go through(I know it's not a lot to some of you),
luggage to unpack,
hair needed to blow dry,
phone to charge and probably tons of smses to reply.
There's a meeting at 10.30am in the morning later.
But dear evelyn and cwee just updated me that,

Oh my gosh,this post is dedicated to dear Bern before I post anything else
(SPI event,outing with BaoChun,Baking with jess,yl and josh,meeting up with bloggers from malaysia)


No amount of words can I put to describe how guilty that I felt for not calling back to let you know that the gathering was canceled. I met up with them on thursday,and none of them were coming on friday. Knowing that I couldn't go online(cause I'm not rich okay,I don't have laptop or what free wireless),I told them to let you guys know that it's canceled because no one's going and my phone is out of battery already. Yes,I packed my stuffs in a rush that I forgot to bring my charger. No matter how frantic I get,it won't bring my phone to life.

Bern is not online now,I'm unable to apologize to him personally.
I guess I have to go to sleep feeling really bad ;(

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