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Sunday, February 15, 2009

Yay,happy valentine's day to all!
Here's the photo I promise the other time,not all.
The rest are for myself and my friends to enjoy.
Oh yes,I lost my camera while eating at Seoul Garden with clique,elicia and yan ling.
Went for cross country after that. Yeah,it's super crazy to run after eating a buffet. Nevertheless,it's deee-licious!
(Sihui and alina did most of the job because I was jumping away from the oil)
V day was fine,nearly went to see a stupid shopping-for his-friend-at-sheng-siong uncle.
But mom nag and nag,so frustrated,couldn't do my things well. After I'm done,I met burningsunz at Bugis with Weili and his girl. Haha,they were shocked to see me dressed up because they usually see me in big shirt,shorts and slippers.

Anyway,I met BaoChun at night,was suppose to go Bugis. But decided to go vivo. Stupid,upon reaching vivo,darling called and asked me to go town. This is not the worse,after we reached,
Omg,really can kill her man.

Chocolates,flowers,the norms for valentine's day. What was lacking is champagne,it'd have been perfect! Haha,but I'm not going to ask for anything else. Am so touched cause I wasn't expecting Baochun to buy anything for me,but he still went to get a box of chocolate from Godiva's anyway.
Couldn't take a pic cause my camera lost.
Some other day.

As for today,lunch at Orchard hotel with my family before heading borders and Tangs with Cheryl,Sihui,Elicia and Yanling.

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