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Friday, February 20, 2009

What phobia do you have?

I was just wondering what I was fearing of,so I decided to check up a whole long list of phobias during my free time to check what kind of phobias do I have.

First of all,this is the phobia that led me to read the whole list of phobias:

Fear of strangers or foreigners
I am not afraid of foreigners,okay,maybe a litte.
But I am very afraid of being alone with another person. Like 1-to-1. Even if it's a girl.
Perhaps that would explain why I a little afraid to talk to people whom I don't know,or really know. But I'm still able to talk to my clique,darling and...
No,no boyfriends. I'm afraid of going out on a date with 1 guy.
Freaks me out. Sad huh?
Second of all,

Fear of pins and needles.
I am very terrified of needles. That's it.

Fear of confined spaces

or is it
Fear of being locked in an enclosed place
In any case,I think my condition is probably just a mild one,since I'm not afraid of standing in a lift. But I'm definitely gonna

scream my lungs out if you ever ask me to lie in a coffin or make my crawl through an air shaft even if it is to save my life.
I'd rather die. Isn't this what a phobia is suppose to be like?

Fear of worms
I'm warning you,I'd seriously murder you if you ever wave one right in my face.
Look at their squishy,squirmy,irky-ish juicy body.
If you just preeeeeeeess them flat,they'd go "BR-E-AT!"
How would you fancy them for breakfast?
Puddings? Anyone?

I don't suppose I have anymore phobias,but I've picked a few out just to laugh.
Maybe this is how others might laugh at my phobias,but come on,we ALL have phobias.

fear of long words
Haha,isn't this a bit insane? I've never heard of anyone being afraid of long words though.
The name for the phobia of long words is superduperincredibleliciously loooooong.

Next up,
I bet every student loves to have this phobia,they could see a doctor and prove them to be a phobe for this!

Fear of school
How would you like to have this phobia?
Yay! No need to go school everyday!

I guess this phobia is in every women:

Fear of getting wrinkles

This explains why everyone is going for facial and buying SKII
Except there's probably a certain extent where this phobia stops.
List of phobias
6 Absurb Phobias and the people who actually has them
It's really really funny to see what kind of phobias that you have and might not realise,
Some phobias are same but different names,or closely related so you have to check them on wiki instead.

Oh yeah,I forgot that I have another phobia.

Fear of phobias

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