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Thursday, February 05, 2009

Okay,it's been nearly a week since my reunion dinner at my cousin's place.
Here are the pictures!
Prawns. I didn't eat though,was afraid that I might have allergy reaction.
Yes,century eggs,fishballs.
I hope you are,because I had a really delicious dinner!
Yummy,love all the mushrooms!
Lo hei!
Shouting for Xue Ye Jing Bu!
And shouting for some people to disappear from the face of Earth!
A nutmeg! So big! It's brought back from Australia.
Look just like a gum ball. Inside is macadamia nut.
This pair of shoe actually cost $100 per pair from Bugis Street!
Guess how many pairs she bought?
Isn't the cousin on the right pretty? She's the one who bought all those shoes,and toured around the world like Australia,Turkey,USA(universal studios).
This year end,we'll be heading to Dubai for 2 weeks cause the cousin in the middle is gonna live there for quite awhile.
Yeap,my dogs were present as well.
Abalone? Pineapple?
Went to Bugis to meet him after that,had this mango pudding at Crystal Jade.
Gee,when people say mango pudding,you expect it to be a jelly right?
No,this mango pudding is in liquid form.
And it really have the original taste of mango,not like some other restaurants who use lots of sugar to make the taste.
So mango-ish.

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