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Monday, February 16, 2009

I took an hour to reach school,from bedok to sengkang,from east to the north side of the island.
As I was taking my 3rd bus,going across the highway,it's normal to sleep on the bus.
This woman,sitting beside me on the outside,was sleeping too.
(by the way,her hat was disgusting)
she was swaying here,swaying there and ended up leaning on me.
Feeling irritated to be woken up halfway from a nice nap,I used 2 fingers and pushed her arm to make her UPRIGHT again.
And here's when she woke,she turned and gave me a very irritated face while mumbling something. Obviously it can't be something nice,so I said loudly in mandarin
"Then you don't lean on me and sleep LAH!"

She didn't say anything else. After the bus emerge from the highway,she sat upright with legs stretching in front that seemed like she's blocking me from going out. Fine,so when my stop was approaching,I stood up and said excuse me,showing that I want to go out.
She looked at me,move her butt aside to let me out. As I extended my right foot,she look at my foot and proceeded to step on it.


This fucking woman just step on my foot just because I pushed her upright and here's what she repay me? Stepping on my fooooooot?!
My precious princess feet~
Hello,I push her upright IN HER SEAT right? I never push her all the way until she falls off her seat or what right? I am helping her lor,she sleeping she sway here sway there,and what if she suay suay(or should I say lucky?) fall on the walkway and not me?

Plus I pushed her to sit upright,helping her backbone okay! You see,she keep bending her back bone,it's not a good thing okay. At her age(okay lah,I think only late twenties or early thirties,if she's not these age group then too bad lor,I thought she was an old hag),she shouldn't be torturing her backbone this way what. It'd put a lot of stress on the muscle and bone,then when she old liao she cannot move properly right? Didn't our teachers always tells us to sit upright? Now I'm doing what our teachers taught us what. Anyway,let's just skip this part.

So,the point is,she step on my right foot right?
Then I use my left feet la.
cannot ah?

Be it like that :

Or like that:
Or like that:

I step on her other feet with my left foot.
With my full weight.
I know,with a 42kg on her toes,I don't think she really felt anything.
Pretty fast reaction huh?
I extended my right foot,she step down and retracted, and then my right foot reach the floor.
I extend my left foot,step on her other foot,lifted my right leg and balance on her foot for awhile as the bus slows down,step down and walk off.

I don't know what is her expression,maybe pain,maybe smug because she managed to step on my feet?

These days,people have no manners on the bus.

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