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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Congrats to my 301st post!
Haven't been updating for quite a long time.
I'm proud to say that I left a bastard,life is gonna continue even better.
Plus a lot of people are already asking me out for valentine's day,isn't it fantastic?
Thanks to lots of people who've given me the courage to move on.
You know who you are ;D
And May,stella,you 2 are sluts. May,you say you're in a top school,pray hard that I won't know which school. Because I might just get someone inside to make your life miserable. Hoho,you whore. Don't blog about me then,live up to what you said. Oh yes,your bf is ugly too. Ugliness and ugliness live side by side,I'mna surprise.

Anyway,went out with Xue Ting on sat,pictures will be up soon.
(Cause I'm lazy to transfer it from my cam to the com)
Visited cheryl's house on Sunday with Sihui,we all played cluedo and monopoly.
JiaYing's house too,to bai nian with her mom.

Oh yes,let's talk about facial products now.
Remember my super pretty cousin? She always buys lots of cosmetics and skincare,sometimes using once or twice only! This time,I found something in my house.
Fair-light Complexion EX

Guess how much is this.
No,not $100,not $300.

I didn't know I have such an expensive thing in my house!
I nearly sold it for like,$20? Bullshit.
Go this link if you don't believe me:
Fair-light Complexion EX
Product Index

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