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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Counting down 30 days to COLDPLAY'S CONCERT!

Seriously,I really don't feel like blogging this post.
BUT. Have to la,cause the other bloggers are blogging this.
Can I summarise it? Okies,I'll summarise it.
Bloggers outing with bloggers,lah.

Canceled going to the photo shot with shermaine,cause I was really really tired.
So sorry!

And reached Plaza singapura only around 6.30 or 7. Had dinner at Hong Kong cafe,they have the suckiest service there. Bad food,bad service,everything bad. Even threaten to call the police when we merely took a picture of their signboard. Some more they have the cheek to take a picture of us first. You know why? Cause they cannot take it,they cannot stand what we said to them that their food are really bad,so they wanna take a picture of us.

Stupid people with no training,no service. To think that thai express was actually under the same company,yet their food are sooooo much more delicious and better service too!

Anyway,camwhore at nearby before spliting up to go home while I go and meet Justin at Far East.

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