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Friday, January 09, 2009

Yesterday was Bo Han's off day,yay!
It's his first off ever since christmas and he's spending the whole day with me!
We took a cab to Queensway,cause it was very late already.

Had a very nice lunch at the hawker and then head off the queensway shopping centre.
Interesting,found quite a number of things that I like but can never have*sobs*;(

I saw one black and gold limited edition Adidas jacket selling for $171,also have the pants.
Omg,they look so damn hot,but so expensive. Couldn't buy it,really very expensive. Then we went the nearby shopping mall,and saw hello kitty shop there. And saw another hello kitty camera,it damn damn damn CHIO! Pink,hello kitty image,the ring around the camera was encrusted with jewel. So pretty!
Even that usual Bo Han who finds it hard to find a pretty electronic item agreed too and told me to ask the price of it.

Limited Edition Hello Kitty Camera
Created to celebrate hello kitty's 35th anniversary

The price look very pretty,isn't it? Damn expensive,if it's a little cheaper like $500,my doting mom might buy it for me lor. Sigh... Anyway,we head off to bugis after that to do his m1 broadban thingy. We shop around for a new wallet(for me),but it's hard to find another one that I like or cheaper. I've got my eyes set on the Esprite or the ELLE white one already,costing $50 and $130. Sigh,such a pretty wallet. Deserves a little wait to save up for it,after all my current ELLE wallet had yet to be 1year old yet,also bought it for $130.
Then we went bag hunting for his laptop. Finally found one in one of the shops at Bugis Junction,same level as Action City.

The shop is called FreshBox. Bo Han saw a bag that he like on display,so he went in. Checking out bags,as any customer would while shopping,he pick up one on the shelf. A tomboy assistant immediately snatched it away and said that it's her bag. Being irritated,Ben approached another sales person. Taking a last lingering look in the mirror,I could tell that he really like that bag a lot. But because the TOMBOY was bloody rude to him,he decided not to buy.

As we walk out of the shop,she shouted out to us
" Next time don't anyhow touch my bag hor,if you need
help please ask for assistance"

Omg,Bo Han was ahead of me,i was hoping that he didn't hear lor(cause he'd really get pissed off) But he did,and he was super pissed already. He went back and started chiding her for this kind of attitude to customers. What the hell,you know that she actually had the nerves to talk back when it's obviously her fault?! Sh even STARED at us.
TELL ME,are we in the wrong? We merely pick up what we thought was a bag for sale,
IT WAS ON THE DISPLAY SHELF after all. So she must be slacking la,checking handphone in fullview of every customer who comes into the shop. And Bo Han asked where is the manager,she shut up and stared,then she look away and continued packing the clothes. Bo Han went off after seeing that she's so useless at this.

She totally sucks,bad service attitude,talk back to customer. Even her fellow colleague took a look at us confronting her,rolled his eyes and went off. Mind you,it is at Bugis Junction,a shopping mall but had this kind of sucky service attitude. I was kinda disappointed,if it were me,I would take down the shop name,number and make sure I make a complain to the manager about this kind of service that I receive from this shop.
Stupid tomboy,I have nothing against people cutting their hair shop like a guy's,acting like a guy,but please don't show this kind of attitude when serving customers.

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