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Saturday, January 31, 2009

Sigh,it doesn't pay to speed read.

From her:
"please be informed that at this point we are registering for standing places - NLB has allowed an extension to the numbers we allow. we are starting a standing list on an FCFS basis and strongly urge people to sign up to get a Q number. seats previously reserved will be given up to the standingQ by number, so it will pay to be early .."

My reply:
Oh,so sad. Alright,but I thought the seminar was free of charge?"

Her reply:
dear idream,
please stop dreaming.
i was under the impression that you had a good command of English?
if you have issues with idiomatic expressions with English, do take a step back and ensure that you reflect before the fingers type. please consider before you post in future as you risk embarrasing yourself big time (and no, i do not need a clock or watch to measure how big). please do consider the whole picture.

the poster kenny posted clearly states that admission is free.

"it pays to be early" ... so if you are late you go for free? surely that is the logical conclusion, and frankly, does it make sense?

i am sorry if i sound insulting, is just that you have been making many statements which show lack of thinking and it will land you in trouble. i am taking the time to reply your single statements so that there will not be a misunderstanding - sometimes it pays to be a little long-winded, to be sure the correct message goes through. please do not take this too personally, take it as friendly advice. "

It's okay,I expected this is the sort of reply from her,she's pretty rude person to begin with.
Agree? It certainly doesn't pay to speed read.

Bored with nothing to do,I shall decide to dedicate this post to my friends and enemies but I shan't name them out. They may be the most unexpected people in the world,the oldest friend I might even bring out to praise or scold.

First,you totally suck. Chasing 2 girls at one time. And only learn to make use of people to spread info. You are so hateful,and ugly,you don't qualify to be my boyfriend and I won't bother to look at you.

Second,you suck too. People got what you also want. Don't have jiu kpkb like ah ma like that,por and por people with her,you not very likeable lor,a lot of people hate you but you don't know. You're surrounded by hypocrites,it's fine as long as you like it. Plus you're too fat. You're just a fucking bitch,literally fucking bitch who hangs her dirty laundry out for everyone to see. Some more the dirty laundry got white stuff on it.

Third,darling,I love you man! Always pei me go out and shop shop. Stupid you,don't always take so long to meet me leh. Some more always make people wait for hours. Next time I make you wait also,you reach there liao then I start preparing. Muahahaha!

Fourth,gosh,I love it when I come over your place. Always go so many things to talk about! You and the rest must study hard hard okay!

Fifth,eww. You suck a lot. You think they like you meh? No,they don't like you,and don't want you to come along. Oh ya,you like them a lot right? Very enthu about them? Go join them la. You're just like them,hypocrites.

Sixth,omg,you're one ugly person trying to act as though you're very pretty. Also always por people with her. I've got no qualms about you la,just hope you don't always por them lor,cause in actual fact,they don't really like you. No point sulking when my friends win you in studies,so just shut up,study,and stop pawing people.

Seventh,you're disgusting. The first moment I see you replying people in that manner,I know you're a very rude person. I wonder how your mother brought you up to be,and I pity your little girl. Has psychology turned you crazy already? No? I hope it does,real soon.

Eighth,you're a good person. I know you meant well for everyone,don't be sad. You did your best already,don't cry alright? Jiu de qu le,xing de bu jiu lai le mah?

That'll be all! Take time to guess them one by one,some you may not even guess at all! You shouldn't feel guilty if you're sure that I'm not talking about you,cheers alright?


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