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Saturday, January 03, 2009

New Year's eve

Head off to sentosa siloso beach party.
Don't ask me how did I get in or who's IC did I borrowed.
Because they never check,so I just walk in! Muahahaha!
I swear,there's a million of shuai ge there,be it chinese or ang mos.
Then there were hot babes in bikini partying as well.
Imagine,loud music,screams and laughters,running around the sand,dunking people into the water,foam party. So we're like,near the stage there dancing in a real wild manner. Real crazy! I had half a cup of bacardi.
Absolute madness,because half an hour later I had hangover,until now!

Yuck,I swear I'm never ever gonna drink that again.

Not that I've never drank before,but i wonder,cause they said I gulp down the drink too fast.
Anyway,we went to take pictures at the entrance and with a python. So big la!
Nope,ben didn't come with me. He went movies with his friend.
Saw Yuen Fang,Joyce and a few people from our school before I went in.

Fine,fine. You're getting bored,I'm getting tired too. I went IKEA the next day and there's a lot of people. Thinking of buying new cupboard,can put all my clothes inside. And I bought new mattress pad and pillow,quilt cover. Cool! Mom is doting to me!

First day of school

I know you're dying to hear about this. Hello darlings,maybe some of you don't know but I retained. Yeap,please don't be shock or go looking in 4E3 for me. And don't look for me in 3E3 because I already appeal to 3E5 for lit classes. Wanna know something? It's boring. Because the whole class is not hyper at all! But don't worry,I'm gonna influence them and teach them how tuh be


And also that don't know much people in the class,so many malay girls,only 7 boys.
And I went for recess with clique,saw my old class. Geez,I miss them you know?!
It's unbelievable,but I miss seeing people like Yuen Fang,Joyce,Kokila,Darshini B./M.,Aaron,Ken.
Crazy huh? I bet they don't miss me,but it's okay! I miss them can liao. Omg,we shall see each other in poly/JC bah.

I took a cab home from Tampines after school,damn tired cause I didn't sleep the whole night. And slept from 3-9pm,and went out to meet Bo Han and his friends for dinner and movies. Omg,met shiying(his friend) on the MRT,so qiao.
Turned out that the freaking Ri Ben Cun at The Cathay was closed,again! Bo Han scolded the manager for the second time and so,we went for Billy Bomber's for ribs and root beer float. Yummy!
And then catch the movie "Transporter 3",not a bad movie. But it's frustrating that it does not have subtitles and they all speak with an accent. GREAT.
Finished the movie at 1.15am,and we went back to Bo Han's house to get the car,head off to Hong Kong cafe cause ShiYing was hungry. Yay! My favorite Mango milk tea and black sesame paste with Tang Yuan! Reach home at 3am.

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