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Thursday, January 29, 2009

Here's the post 2 days before new year.
I know,I'm very late in posting.

Very expensive coffeeshop,not even delicious. We were commenting on how we pity those tourists who got their money cheated here.
We walk in feeling hungry soon after shopping for awhile,so we sat down and ordered.
Being used to ordering without looking at the price,
(cause our boyfriends would usually pay for us)
We just ordered. Then we got a shock when the bill was $16 for a mere wanton mee,chicken rice,and coke.
$6 for wanton mee
$8 for chicken rice
$2 for coke
It's $6 wanton mee,with only 2 wanton inside.
$8 Chicken rice,not even delicious. I suspect they even use plain rice.
Sigh,I just love shopping for delicious new year goodies,though it's very crowded.
So did XueTing,surprised that she'd come,thought she didn't like crowds.
Busy busy chinatown

So many people...
Stupid coffeeshop,you cheater of my $16,why do you appear again!
You know how much I hate you? Waste my money for such disgusting food.
So in the end,we bought 2 bolsters,some cny decorations,lots of mochi.
We even went palm-reading,there's like a few people there doing for people. Sheesh,we hate that person. He don't even know how to read,cheat our money. I wished we had visited that particular temple while we were in HongKong,XueTing said that there is this ah pek there who really knows how to tell the future. Sian,next time bah.
Maybe this year end.

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