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Sunday, January 18, 2009

Went out with Yeehui,JunJie and Song En(junjie's friend) to EHub and watched passengers.
I wasn't really sure how the movie is like,but I do like Anne Hathaway.
The movie proved to be fantastic! The storyline was great,the plot was great and it wasn't too draggy. At the end of the show,you can still understand what they're talking about. It's very touching,I even cried in that show! It's been such a long time ever since I''ve CRIED while watching a movie. I think the last one was while watching 'Painted Skin'.
And this movie would probably tell you not to bear grudges,forgive but never forget.

A very good movie,strongly recommended to watch.
I'd probably by catching the next one,Bride Wars. Seems to be funny as well.


Priscilla came over to my place to practice guzheng. Omg,she's so damn clever la,she scored 8 points for her Os. Confirm can go TJC already,but she kiasu,still want guzheng to help. LOL!
And we laugh and chat about lots of stuffs.
Sad,xinyi couldn't come over cause she had allergy reaction,swollen eyes
(why is everyone like suddenly having allergy?)
Was suppose to meet Joyce Stella,but dad's in hospital...
After that,my bro and I went to SimLim to have a look at cameras.

Sim Lim Square people are VERY RUDE.
You walk around,they have different prices but they don't tell you the price after GST,
only Alan Photoshop does that(located at 1st floor).
Plus,one more thing,a lot of the shops are linked together,so they might go over to another shop and bring you the model,which also means,in between these shops,they have settled a price. So the best is not to go to a shop where they go over to another shop to take the model that you want.
They don't talk about service,they can stare at you and say
"Can't you see that I'm busy? You wait." And then take his own sweet time.


"It's okay,I'll consider about it"
" Don't want ah? Okay lor,you go down and see."


Give you a face if you're not buying after looking at it.

Stupid fat asses,I rather pay more to get better service than look at your fucking faces. So bloody rude,some talk as if wanna fight with you,some talk as if you're a kid who has no money to buy,some just has that shit face.
Oh well,piece of shits.

After deciding not to buy any,bro went with me to meet the SPI people for CNY dinner at Clementi Sakura. Mm-mmm,de-licious! I miss eating sakura,ever since last time eating with Bao Chun and his friends at Orchard. This time SPI sponsor de. We left pretty soon after that,cause need to rush to Pulau Ubin but I changed my mind and not go,leave my bro and sky they all. Cab with ice and pure back to Tampines and meet Garfield at Kembangan. Went East Coast to eat,then I suddenly suggested uh hum,going to Mustafa to see cameras.

Omigosh,have the colour I want,some more free screen protector,extra battery and pouch.
All for $469,at SimLim probably around this price bah,but they don't have the colour I want
(plus they are RUDE)
My camera
Nearly bought this,also quite nice but the colour a bit not right. Big difference in price,this one $500++
So many colours for me to choose!
Lime green and chocolate brown look damn nice also,but I still like rose pink best!
Opps,first pic is not with my dog but with my cat.
At least it's not some stupid sales person or some stupid shop.
Second pic is Bobo! My cute little dog.
Love my cam!
Cute lindsey!
With mummy! I just finished bathing,didn't look so nice,but heck!
It's with mummy!
So doting to me,at first I say 300,she say okay. Then in the end I saw another one at $530,she say okay and went to the back to take out another $200 for me. Still,I chose this one and return her the rest of the money.
Stupid bobo,he don't wanna look at me!

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