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Friday, January 30, 2009

During this new year,I went to friends house to bai nian.
So many new year goodies! But I don't think I ate as much as last year.
Did you? Well,I bet you guys didn't receive that much ang pao this year,so did I.
Someone told me that it's called the...


Muahaha,that's lame. But it's true. I will be getting more and probably final ang paos for this year after this weekend,visiting more relatives!

I should have known,I shouldn't gamble. I've been brought up and taught not to gamble.
Next time I won't,love you mummy!
It didn't matter how much you give me,I don't mind even if it's only $2.
And today,went out with Xueting and Geraldine around 4pm today to vivo.
We went to HarbourFront centre first to buy geraldine's beanie first.
Pink suits you okay,Geraldine?;D

Then we went back to Forever21 where I bought my white tee and Xueting's shiny shiny bling bling dress. Wakakaka,hope she doesn't whack me. And geraldine saw many more beanie that is so much cheaper and suits her more! Never mind,she bought another 2:white and brown.

This month,I spend my mom a total of,let's see:
SONY Camera: $ 459
Charles & Keith Boots: $39.90
Forever 21 tee: $33
CNY Goodies shopping: $70

Total: $601.90

Omigosh,this insane shopping has got to stop very soon.
I haven't include my food and movies,which probably can count up to $1100++.
Yes,it's possible to reach that amount,because every movie you name it,I've watched it within the 3 days of it's release. And food wise? Eating Hong Kong cafe, Kenny Rogers, Carls junior, yada yada, all the expensive food.

Time to stop,Ying Zi!

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