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Monday, January 05, 2009

Can youuuuuu see the difference?

My hair look so nice before,then now looking like a freaking rebonded hair,
plus she cut my hair until shoulder length,WTF!
I never rebond,just dye. DAMMIT.

A lil' update with more photos,outing with the Nuffnang bloggers last time.
Koup from jess's blog xD

Sentosa Siloso Beach countdown 2008
Dammit,can you believe how heavy is this snake and how it tried to kiss me?!
Bad camera quality at night,but those black shape below were people partying away and the light area is the stage. NOW,can you imagine how many people are partying?
Swweeeet! Fireworks!
Baochun kena dunked!
Bo Han making this with chilli sauce in HongKong cafe

Had a lot of people asking me out on sat,sad.
One is 6/4 outing at east coast with ms shamirah:Overslept
Another one is shopping with jess and other bloggers at bugis:I'm such a bad host
Missed tuition:OMFG.

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