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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Out with garfield to celebrate our anniversary since it's approaching in a few hours' time.
Walk along Bugis and decided to settle for Crystal Jade Restaurant,since we haven't tried this outlet at Bugis before. It's not in the junction but opposite and have to walk along the street.

This siew mai is DAMN nice,very different from what you eat in school.

Seafood baked rice has always been my favorite.
Fish,crabstick and mussels. With the cheese wrapped around the rice,it totally melts in your mouth.
Look like salad you tiao? It's fried carrot cake,very crispy.
Ginseng soup and fried duck rice for him.
See if you can get any fried duck rice as delicious as this.
Ginseng soup with black chicken,which was nice because it wasn't too much of ginseng-y taste.
Just nice.
Mango smoothie,all time favorite.
I don't like here,preferred C.Nai's or HongKong Cafe's.
Bo Han said it was the best because it really have the mango taste.
I think it taste more like mango juice with a teeny bit of crushed ice.

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