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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Today's math exam,hm quite simple. I think i'd be able to pass. However,everytime i think i'm going to pass,i failed. Let's just hope that this i really pass. Wanna play my tarot and do my own reading,but it doesn't if i read my own.

Monday, April 28, 2008

Sianz,today never go school cause fell sick. Tomorrow exam,gonna study liao. Yesterday went to party world at orchard to celebrate jing wei's birthday. Then at night more people came,and they went Sakura to eat. Me and yanying went back first,cause i thought that the place was too expensive. Then yy pei me go Mondo at Century Square to buy the heels i wanted. Gawd, at least i did stay long enough to see levi again. It must be a shock for him,cause the last time he saw me,i was the dark-eye-circles-who-went-crazy-over-the-BRIDES-magazine girl,someone who look very shack in home clothes. But this time i was all dressed upppp!

He was like 'what the hell? what's she doing here?' Then he damn playful sia,as we leaving,he's asking "hey,where're you girls going? Where's my goodbye kisss?"

Saturday, April 26, 2008

My dog stole my shades! What does she think that she's gonna do? Shopping down to orchard?
Now,she's trying to feign ignorance about it and going to sleep.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

I swear i'm going to break all your fingers one of these days.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Saturday, April 12, 2008

And yesterday I went to Leo's party at his place,and somehow i got lost and i asked a lady by the street. She waved another person over and started asking her where the place is. Gawd,and the 2 started arguing whether is it up the road or down the road. And i was in between them like em,transparent? Okay,i got to his place anyway. It was 8.45 when i arrived. I could smell alcohol,it's all over. Joanna left,again! I mean,we wanted to meet up the other day at orchard,but she always ended up going off before i arrived. Curfew,Leo said. The people there are really nice,it's a mixture of people like em,Australian International School,OFS and ACS? Couple of balestier,St joseph and me,Seng Kang. I mean,they're really friendly but em,the bitchy and camwhoring kind? And of course,that includes the super duper handsome guys in the package. And there was this korean guy who was really really cute.
The guard told Leo to keep the noise down,plus they actually close the function room(it was our dance floor-cum-disco). And guard was like saying that he could actually call the police because they were drinking and smoking. In the end,someone yell out "Down to Cascaden!" I thought it was some room at his condo,turn out to be a club in orchard. No wonder everyone's heading out to get a cab. Charlie was super pissed by the residents who complained,he was shouting "Fuck you low-down residents living here who couldn't tolerate a little bit of noise! Sue me,i'm so scared~" And there was this school teacher who came out with her little boy,scolding us and threatening us. Okay,whatever.
I took the cab there with winnie,ling hong and another guy(oh,never mind,I forgot his name). They didn't go in there because it was raided. So we were like hanging around orchard,sitting on the steps. And there were people playing bicycle stunts on the streets.

Thanks to Charlie,he's really really nice and was like introducing me to people in the party as 'yinggg~',because he doesn't know how to speak chinese names.

Happy birthday to Leo,you really had a great party! Just that the residents there really spoilt the whole thing,it could have been the wildest party ever!

Yay,no work today. I called in to take leave,cause i've gotta study(i will study de okay),and Rona actually allowed me to do so.


went over cheryl's house to do math project,ain came too. Then Chu Xuan wanted to come but cheryl's uncle don't allow cause got too many people le.

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

I went Buis on saturday,then got the DKNY watch,it's the last one liao. Actually wanted to buy the Hello Kitty watch de,but stupid garfield say cannot,and said that he'll top up the rest of the money to buy other watch,so that he won't be going out with a girl girl wearing hello kitty watch! Argh,had been looking everywhere for this watch. Only places like Isetan got sell,but one of the shops in Bugis have,but it's the last piece. Considering that it has 10% and not much places got sell,i just buy it lor. I paid $150 and garfield paid the remaining $130. But the actual price was $315,down to $280.

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Went to junction8 on sunday to celebrate yanying's birthday. Then cheryl and alina went siao over the arcade soft toy(nightmare before christmas),alina got it first,then after trying for ten pver dollars,cheryl finally managed to get one. Then as we go up the escalator,we saw Darren Ong and his bro. Lol,i found it weird seeing him there.