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Monday, January 28, 2008

Studied at sengkang cc with cheryl,alina and sihui.

This time,the wind blew around in the open air
twirling and playing with my hair
with the leaves rustling on this hot day;
did i realise my foolishness of truancy.
When time comes,
would it all be too late?

Too late to confess?
I knew his loneliness
and need for old friends.
Seeing us again
would be chocolates for the eyes.
Is this pure friendship
or is this love?

Friday, January 25, 2008

Whoohoo! Today went pasir ris pet farm and finally got a dog! Yesterday he pei me go see dogs,then saw a maltese very cute. Then ask him to buy he say very ex -.- Too bad,he's gonna be so jealous that i'm going to love my doggy more xD

Lols,no la. Different kind of love.

Then today after school went to compass point with clique(except cx,always zong se qin you de,hah!!!),print photos and ate Yoshinoya.

After that meet mom at IKEA,then take cab to the pet farm. Okay la,the dog cost around $800. Now for the time being must put in cage for a few days for him to familiarise around the surroundings and toilet train him. After one year will sterilize it so that the license fee wouldn't be that expensive.

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Haas! Our science teacher was damn funny sia,we thought he'd be very fierce lor,cause last time he scold us on stage and so fierce. Lols,he showed us a concept by another:
"Do you understand? Do you understand? No? Because I don't understand either."

Dots,then we keep laughing cause the way he speak is like very kan chiong like that. Then halfway got a cleaner came in,want him pass a message to ms Tay Ser Ling(our form teacher).
He was like "Orh,okay okay. Class,if Tay Ser Ling around?"
We were like,dots! 'cher,that's our form teacher!
Then he go "Oh,sorry sorry! Then will anyone who is absent today PLEASE RISE UP YOUR HAND?"

Lols,then after school went century square to fix chuxuan's phone,then went TM eat pastamania with yanying. But cx left halfway to find sq. Duh,my mouth keep on turning whitee because of the parmesan cheese,haha!

Monday, January 07, 2008

Okays,school started liao and everyone was like so crazy sia! Our new higher chinese teacher was so strict,don't smile de. And anyways,our clique so like so crazy sia,but this year sec1 never bully la.