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Saturday, December 13, 2008

Went out with Xueting on friday.
Went to tampines mall,saw so many weird people but shuai la.
Had dinner at Long John's and then look around at Chanel with her baobei steph,
then head off to Century Square's BHG.
She bought a black clutch and I bought a white one.
Muahaha,I'm the angel and she's the devil.

After that,around 9,I went to take a bus to meet the SPI people at Changi Village and we went off to Ubin.
So many people familiar and unfamiliar faces,it's great to see them once again!
Sky and me,posing for Cristine.
Me,Cristine and Gel. Orbs O.O?
Mnay more orbs O.O
Gel,unknown guy and my bro
Gel,QR,Cristine and me

Gel,QR,pure and cristine.
Pure act cute =.=
TTG and Sponge at the Datuk shrine

German Girl Shrine
Public,Sky and my bro
He's here alone
And he's really really nice to offer to help me take my bag,since I have no basket at all.
Muslim Cemetery
A very beautiful night,that looks like it's going to rain.
Yes,it's really beautiful.

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I dislike Dao Kias.

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