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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Went out with Xue Ting just now at 4.30pm,head off to PS and we went Spotlight to buy something materials for make christmas cards.
I love Spotlight,whenever I'm there,I can see a lot of nice stuffs and the art gears start whirring in my head as it quickly conjures up an image,allowing me to make a decision whether to buy that certain material of not.

I super hate them for misplacing the materials and the price tag.
I saw one whole bunch place under a price tag that says "$1.95."
And when I'm paying for it,the counter shows "$4.50".
What the hell?!
The cashier went inside and took out ANOTHER price tag and showed me,turning behind and compare the bar code and blah blah.



I mean,if the whole bunch if place under one price tag,naturally you'd assume it's that price right? Even if you want to blame the customers for taking from one place and put at another price tag,seriously,WHO would take the whole thing and put at another price tag?

I was really pissed off because I really really want that piece for my Christmas card-making. But it was too expensive,so I didn't buy it.

Anyway,we then head off to Marina and walk around every shop.
Running from Bebe,Charles & Keith,Top Shop,Mango,Morphosis,Zara and other shops which I forgot their names. I went to Wallet Shop. There is a guy with good service attitude,called Ming Siang or something. I merely ask him how to clean my ELLE wallet,expecting him to tell me something like go home and take a toothbrush and toothpaste and start scrubbing it like hell.
He said he'd try his best and proceeded to use something to clean my wallet for me!
It was very nice of him,this is the second time I ever complimented a staff for his/her service attitude. And I have not bought anything from the shop.
Shop around until 9 then I went to find Ben.
(Bo Han,in case next time I might use this name)
He's at PS,so I took a train back find him. His female friend had open a shop at the bazaar outside Plaza Singapura.


May not be suitable for guys,but hey,you guys can buy one for your female or girlfriends! You don't have to worry about picking one that she does not like,because her designs are so unique and with style,that it's impossible for your GF not to like them.
She sells earrings,necklaces,bracelets and some of them has Swarovski Crystals.

Do visit Rebirth-Creation to see some of her designs.

That is many more design at her shop instead so you might wanna check out,it looks nicer than the pic itself. And they are all hand-made,isn't that amazing that she can create something so nice? Oh yes,please don't visit the wrong shop,because there is another one which copies her designs and yet still suck because they ended up creating something that looks very kiddish and no style at all. Her stall is directly behind them. She is friendly serves customers with a smile,you wouldn't regret going to buying them.

It's christmas season after all,do get some as a gift for your friends!

Around 10+ we all cab down to East Coast and had Carls Junior.
Woah,I'm not a fan,and I'm not going to go on and on about her,but I saw
FIONA XIE and her Ang Mo Boyfriend
Yupe,nothing special. She look just as normal as she is on TV.
But awww,I'm jealous,she's got very nice booty(shoes) there,and some high waist dress in black and white,those that are in the not-so-latest fashion now?

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