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Wednesday, December 03, 2008

vpost makes me very

vPOST makes me feel v(ERY) sexy!
Aye aye~
Sexy sexy Ooh~

You know why?

It's all about shopping around the globe with vPOST,

without getting your feet in stilettos tired out!


vPost is all over in Japan,Europe and United states!
Nuffnang is holding a Christmas party at DXO with vPost at their theme sponsor.
"It is a grand scale Bloggers only Christmas Party in Singapore and you get to dress up!
In collaboration with vPOST, Nuffnang is holding the FIRST EVER LARGEST Blogger Christmas Party in Singapore with Malaysian bloggers like Kennysia and Cheeserland gracing the event!"
Omigosh,I really hope I can win the tickets and hit the party with a friend!

Now,let's talk about... SHOPPING!
Yes,I know you're eagerly waiting for this part.

Shopping now becomes easy with vPost around, it's a woman's paradise,also what it takes to transform a plain jane to a seductive lady!
Can't find your favorite brand like Juicy Couture,Victoria's Secret in Singapore?

I was afraid that Victoria's Secret might be too hot for you to handle*wink*

It's just a click away at the end of your fingertips for it to arrive,safe and undamaged from the very home of these well sought-after brands! People will be looking at you with envy.
Or best,Chanel and Gucci,all their originals designs in Europe!
Not only can you buy things from your favorite brand,
you can also get great offers and discounts without having to get into a cat fight with another old and fat lady!

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