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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Visited sentosa with my beloved 6/4. Sadly,this year have only a pathetic no. of 11 for the rest were busy with school. Ms Lee couldn't make it last minute as she had church camp while we met up with ms Shamirah,her husband,cousin and brother.
We played in the water,had fun with soccer,frisbee and volleyball. The Simei ITE people were really nice to lend us their extra ball.
We then change out of our bikinis,traveled from Siloso beach to palawan beach,only to realise that Sakae Sushi was actually located in Siloso beach.
Win liao,we took the tram back and met up with them.
One secret to tell you,Nan Hong is a food stealer!
He stole my unagi rice!

I really feel damn bad,a mere 15 of us spend a total of $600+.
No wonder ms shamirah refuse to give me the receipt,it was until I went to ask the cashier.

Then we head off to palawan beach and play,they played frisbee while I lie down and rest.
It was very nice to see the sky all stretched above,wind was cold,screams and laughter of them playing frisbee. I doze off in a mintue due to fatigue.

Woke up minutes later,watch them play while I sms for a bit.
The sky turned dark soon around 7pm. Xuan Ming went to sit alone by the beach while the rest came back to seat on the mat.
I'm very tempted to join him,for I too have many thoughts in my mind.

Clouds came soon,turning the night sky to into a delicious chocolate brown colour,promising a heavy thunderstorm. Wind blew the hair around my face,my friends chatted for awhile more as they waited for Xuan Ming to come back,some blasted music.
It soon become like muted slow motion movie to me,my thoughts had wondered off to the past.
To-you-know-who,one man who came back from the past.

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