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Monday, December 15, 2008

Top 10 turn offs from guys to me on a date:

(and maybe to the girls out there)
1. Indecisiveness.
If you wanna take me out,choose a location and time beforehand. Don't wait for me to ask. And after I ask,please don't give me answers like,
"I don't know,anything. Is there any place you wanna go? I'm okay with anything."
Hello?! You're the one who ask me out,and giving this kind of answers are absolutely frustrating and we do feel that it's a waste of my space and time to make a note to meet you on this day in my calendar,only to hear this kind of answer. And I would definitely feel like slapping myself in the face. No,in YOUR face.

2. Movies.
I would dearly appreciate it if you bring me to watch something with a little bit of romance in them,instead of something so action pack like 'Body Of Lies'. No,it doesn't work no matter how much you tell me how exciting the show is gonna be. You're you,you like the show BUT,I don't like it. If you can keep shifting positions in your seat to show that you don't like the movie I chose,so can I to your choice of movie too.

3. Me,me,me.
Don't tell me about how your colleagues suck. It probably just tells me how anti-social you are,which is another turn-off cause girls like their guy to be sociable. Don't whine to me things like your golf club or Challenger's membership is expiring,I'm totally not interested in your golf or computer parts. This kind of conversation that keeps going on and on about you you you leads nowhere. Learn to ask some questions,darling.

4. Communication.
This is very much like no.3. I know you're nervous,you don't wanna say things to turn me off. But you're already turning me off by keep quiet and not saying anything. Its hard for me to ask questions and you giving a yes-no answer too.

5. Choice of dining.
I'm hoping for a nicer place better than mcdonalds or KFC. And since you're bringing a girl out already,why haggle with the price of the food and constantly asking the waiter why is the food so expensive? And when calling for a waiter,please don't wave your hand around like a primary school kid trying to get a teacher's attention,you're getting the whole restaurant's attention. It's extremely embarressing. So,don't show me how stingy you can get or how much etiquette you've got. Be generous.

6. Emotional Baggage
This seldom happen,but I don't know. I have no interest in your past or failed relationships,good or bad. Don't tell me how much I resemble your ex-gf. Oh well,perhaps that is why she left you.

7. Attention
Give your attention to me,stop going away for every 10min to answer a phone call. Best if you probably keep your phone to vibration mode,it's just irritating to see you texting on the phone instead of enjoying the time we're spending to get to know each other properly. And stop oogling at girls,or stare at every hot babe that walk past us. I know I'm not as sexy as they are,but show me some respect. Otherwise,why don't you date and fuck them instead?

8. Ego.
I know you may be handsome,you may be smart. The largest turn off for women is probably this: Ego. If you have way too much ego,thinks that it is our luck that you have dated us out,well,I think you might as well as go home and sleep. Its even worser if you are ugly and fat.

9. Horrible dress sense

10. I can't think of any,maybe you can tell me by tagging ;)

And naturally,this may not apply to every man or not every girl feels this way. It'll still be best to behave at your best and most natural self. So guys,I'm sure you'll be able to charm the ladies by being natural!

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