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Tuesday, December 09, 2008


01. Besides Your Lips, Where Is Your Favourite Spot To Get Kissed?
- cheeks.

02. How Did You Feel When You Woke Up This Morning?
- Bored,frustrated,tired

03. Who Was The Last Person You Took A Picture Of?
- Xin Yi.

04. Would You Consider Yourself To Be Spoiled?
- Yeah.

05. Would You Ever Donate Blood?
- Yes, but I'm afraid of needles.

06. Have You Ever Had A Best Friend Who Was Of The Opposite Sex?
- Ya.

07. Do You Want Someone Dead?
- YES.

08. What Does Your Last Text Message Says?
- Lols. Wha u quite suay sia. den how?

09. What Are You Thinking Right Now?
- Why am I doing this quiz?

10. Do You Wish Someone Was With You Right Now?
- Yes.

11. What Time Did You Go To Sleep Last Night?
- 2am

12. Where Did You Buy The Shirt You're Wearing Now?
- Uh,century square Comics Connection?

13. Is Someone On Your Mind Right Now?
- Yeah.

14. Who Was The Last Person To Text You?
- Wei Li

10 People To Tag. (you wanna do then do LOL)
[1] Cheryl
[2] Si Hui
[3] Alina
[4] Xue Ting
[5] Elizabeth
[6] Xin Yi
[7] Yan Ying
[8] Carrisa
[9] Desmond
[10] Mandy

15. Who Is The Number 2 Having A Relationship With?[SIHUI]
- No one. She's planning to becoming an old hag.

16. Is 3 A Male Or A Female?[ALINA]
- female.

17. If Number 7(YANYING) and 10(MANDY) Got Together, Would That Be A Good Thing?
- Les make good best friends;)

18. How About 5(ELIZABETH) And 8(CARRISA)?
- My darling no.5 has a boyfriend already.

19. What Is Number 1 Studying About?[CHERYL]
- Psychology. How to be more obsessive about edward cullen.

20. When Was The Last Time You Had A Chat With Them?
- eh . some quite often , some long time

21. Is Number 4 Single?[XUETING]
- I don't know.

22. Say Something About Number 2.[SIHUI]
- Crazy,scream all the time,mad about Super Junior.

23. What Do You Think About Number 3(ALINA) And 6[XINYI] Being Together?
- They don't know each other.

24. Describe Number 9.[Desmond]
- Uh,workaholic.

25. What Will You Do If Number 6[XINYI] And 7[YANYING] Fights?
- they dont even know each other :)

For those who came to do quiz,please go to Sze Hui to copy and paste.

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