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Monday, December 01, 2008

Pictures time! I swear she's hiding mroe pics in her com,but she don't wanna send me.
Anyway,let's start from tues(25/11/2008)
2pm: Sihui's house,with cheryl.
3pm: Realise that Cheryl actually has chicken pox.
6pm: Walk to cheryl's house to get my present she bought me from Rome(so sweet!)
7pm: Walk to Xue Ting's house.
9pm: Idea of getting a air ticket and join her to HK pop up from her mom.
10pm:Frantically surfing the net and making calls to book a ticket.

12am : Reached home,packing luggage. No tickets available,gonna try my luck once the counters at the airport opens at 5am.
1.30am: Sitting at the airport,waiting for XT and her family to come. Ben called.
2.30am: Arrived,went to eat.
My luggage
Her sis
3am: Finish eating,camwhoring until time to go check-in at 4.30am
4.30am: United Airlines over-booked,frantically searching for another plane.
5.15am: They check-in. I went Terminal1 to look for SIA,$750.
5.30am: Jet Stars' flying off at 6.40am,10min before XT's flight. Fully book too,unless I pay $818.
5.35am: Realise they don't accept nets.
5.40am: Went basement,the OCBC atm doesn't work! Tried UOB.
5.50am: Got the ticket,changed the currency. Check-in.
6.40am: Plane took off.

Day 1
10.20am: Touch down.
10.45am: Sat a 270HKD($60) cab from airport to hotel. Feel like dying!
12pm: They finally arrived at the lobby.
1.30pm: Changed and set off to the streets, Tsim Sa Tsui.
A beautiful sight greeted us as we travel across the bridge.
A very long bridge.

Tsim Sa Tsui is like our Orchard,lots of shops and brands there!

I think it's quite nice leh. Yum-yum!

Day 2
10am: Wake up.
2pm: Causeway Bay
3pm: MY FUCKING GAWD,they have JUICY COUTURE shop there! Located next to Zara! I could have died on the spot. But sadly,they don't have my favorite bag.
9pm: Ate at the street hawker below our hotel.
10pm: Walk along the temple market(night market)

My favorite favorite hello kitty pouches!
Her stupid pig slippers. Tell her she looks like one of them too!

These are the very delicious food which cause her to have diarrhea.
She wants to act sexy and pose with the lamp-post.
I'm just trying to be cheeky~

Looks like her digging her nose right? Lol,it's my hand lah.
Day 3
11am: Woke up.
1pm: Xueting wants to be a pig,so I end up going with her family to shop instead.

11am: Woke up. Our last day here.
11.45am: Check out.
12pm: Head off to Mongkok. Big mistake,nothing to shop there.
1pm: Lost my gloves in a stupid dessert shop.

Very scary when she has a camera,zooming in to sneak shot pics of shuai ges.

Look at the choices of boots i can choose from!

I walk down this stairs alone,pulling my luggage cause I alighted at the wrong floor.
Very scary,VERY.

It totally looks like a wet market.
Though the fruits there like bananas are super cheap.
2pm-4.30pm:Head off to Central. Realise that that is where all the Ang Mos were.
5pm: Sitting in the bus,polishing up the was left in the macdonald's bag. Super hungry!
Goodbye to them!
Such beauties bade us goodbye as we cross the bridge once again,to reach the airport.

I went to Terminal 2 alone,the flight to Hong Kong and back from hongkong,I took them alone.
Yes,there is a very handsome angmo sitting next to me,but I dare not talk to him. Beside me is an empty seat and the next seat is a auntie sleeping,next to the window.
However on the flight back,damn squeezy and the old lady next to me keep digging her nose. Fucking disgusting and unhygienic.

There's a video of me at her blog,wtf,my ugly video.
If you're interested to see,gohere

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