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Sunday, December 14, 2008

Perhaps some of you have watch it already,but I'm sure most of you have not!
I've watched Twilight already!
Jealous? LOL.

Together with Ben,yes,it's him.
Please don't start the questioning...

Anyway,I am NOT a fan of Edward Cullen but I can try to make a good description of him for the fans out there. Um,firstly,
(Twilight fans out there,please don't hit me for this!)
The first half of the movie was boring,REALLY.

They really really talk a lot,and I wonder how come it's without subtitles?
Until when Edward confesses to her that he indeed is a vampire,this is where all the action begins babey!
Edward is really fast,he's really strong,very protective towards the girls.
A lot of scenes depict him as red lip,totally pale face and styled hair. He has got orange or yellow eyes in the scenes after the first.
Oh yes,and there's a guy whom the girl met on the first day of school?
He super look like 5566 de Wang Ren Fu. Believe me,watch it and you'll know.
BUT,he's not.
The siblings of Edward,are very pretty and handsome.
Especially the short hair sister,she's is very PRETTY.
You heard the ads,James wanted is after her blood the moment he said
"You've brought a snack."
Yeah babey! The chase for her,the action that took place in the girl's ballet school,and lastly the Prom. Way cool!
The way they look at each other was very sweet too,lying on the grass and looking at each other with passion in their eyes. You could almost be sure that they've got to be true lovers to be able to do that,or otherwise super good acting skills!
I believe that they'll be the New Moon and Eclipse movie coming out too,but not in the near future.

Shan't tell you guys too much,otherwise it'll spoil the fun.

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