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Thursday, December 18, 2008

My phone is blinking away,hinting a call waiting to be picked up.
I look at the caller ID,ben's name appeared.

Movies it is.
Suppose to watch this:
Cool right? He's very shuai.
Look at his fist,his arm,promising a good show.

What a sin,we took a mere 10min from Bedok to CineLeisure.
We reach for a 2am show,horror was all the tickets sold out!
We had no choice but to watch this instead:
The day Earth Stood Still.
I was utterly disappointed,for I dislike this movie.
Isn't Keanu Reeves as handsome as before?
He didn't look as though he'd aged!
Okay,maybe just a little,a teeny weeny bit.
The female is very pretty too!

It was actually great,but the storyline was very cliche.
Aliens invading Earth,wanting to exterminate the Human race and save Earth,in the end realising that humans do have a good side and decided to give them a chance to save themselves.
They didn't make it way too cliche to become boring,it was very cool and style.

Still,I had enjoyed the movie.
No,we didn't patch.

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