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Thursday, December 11, 2008

Mighty oh ZARA

Mighty Oh-Zara~
Your great name is heard everywhere,

On the lips of every girl,

Bringing out the delicious curves in all women,
On the head of all men.

Your coats keeps us warm in the cold winter,
My neck snuggles in warmth under the wraps of your scarf,
My wallet never fails to make people gasp at the amount of cash and cards inside,
Your boots makes me party all night without getting tired,
Your long sleeves never goes out of fashion,
The translucent ones just make me look more seductive,with style,
Your dresses transforms me back into a happy teenage girl,
Your colours are just right at every piece of design.
I adore you,
you brought me to life once again.

ZARA is my life.
Zara Philips & Brad Pitt

Alright,enough serenating to ZARA.
More recent photos Bobo's photos.

Can I have a bit of food PLEASE?
NO,I did not just jump up the chair and ate up all the nasi lemak.

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