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Friday, December 26, 2008

Merry christmas to everyone!

OMIGOSH,I'm so sorry for saying that so late.

As you know,it's actually a sin to stay at home on Christmas eve and Christmas!

Okay,apologies for those who actually stayed home for whatsoever sinful reasons.

Christmas Eve

Anyway,I went Plaza Sing and met up with Bo Han and his friends.
Yupe,was very very sorry that I didn't go to ubin with sky,sponge they all(SPI)
We had countdown at plaza sing and seriously,people were really spraying foam everywhere.
Even as I reach at 7pm,the police were there patrolling already.

Anyway,after the countdown,we cab to Moon Bar,her friend owns that bar.
BUT,in the cab,it was very frustrating cause that uncle does not know where to go. He arrive at another destination,then started calling one of his friends. His friend doesn't know,and Bo Han made a remark say "Do you have a directory? Why don't you just let me flip the directory." After talking for about 5min(can you imagine how much the meter has already jumped???),the uncle suddenly flip on the screen of the GPS and start typing in the road name.
If he had that all along,


Is that a scam or what?
Plus,he made so many wrong turns and had the cheek to ask the full amount from us.
What the fuck.

As we walk in,it was smoky everywhere,screams of delight were heard and the smell of alcohol.
It's sex everywhere and doggy style...

Okay,stop daydreaming.
Indeed,everyone was playing 5-10 and dices,losers down that martell!
But we were drinking beer,heineken.
But bo bian,if I'm the one paying then I'll be ordering martell already.


Seriously,my wildest dreams only happen in dreams.
I woke up at 2pm,fell back to sleep and woke up at 4pm.
Within 2 hours,I can dream of myself spending christmas with my cousins in New York and it's -14 degrees outside. And I can use my mom's credit card to make phone calls to my bro in singapore,and use up to $2500++ just to make those calls.

Anyway,I woke up and met Bao Chun. Went for drinks at Starbucks,he entertained me with stories in camp. They're really interesting la. Then went to watch 'Bedtime Stories'. It's a really nice story with a good ending=D
I bought a small guitar and actually wanted to buy a Shuriken for my bro,I bet he'd love it. But not enough money.

I want a iTouch from him,he promised me one last time and until now also never buy for me.
It's a lot,I know,shi zi da kai kou(a lion opening the mouth big big).
Sigh,he'll never buy one for me anyway,it'll be a miracle if he ever does that.

Plus we just quarreled today,I'm wondering what are we really quarreling about.

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