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Saturday, December 27, 2008

Its early in the morning 7.46am,I haven't sleep yet.
Sunny and bright,I think it's been a very very long time since I've seen a morning like this.
Before the year comes to an end,before I get busy with my daily activities,outings with my friends,maybe I should just look back and think.

You guys know what?

It's been officially 10 years since I've
begin to pursue

my passion in music.

(or maybe 11,I couldn't be sure either)

You wanna know how I started learning guzheng?
When I was young,4 or 5,I followed my mom to the community centre.
She learned from Ma Xiao Lan laoshi,whereas Ma Laoshi invited me to sit at her guzheng as she walked around making sure the rest knows how to play the instrument.
Magic began the moment I pluck one of the 21 strings.
My curiosity begin,and I soon learned.
I have yet to learn any songs except getting to know with the instrument itself.
Only until I entered primary school,my life as a music student begin its adventure.

Performances,competitions,camps,seen and been with many teachers.
My teacher was Zhang Lu Fen Laoshi.
I took my first grading when I was in pri5,grade6.
And grade 7 in pri 6. And I flunked it.
I continued to learn in Secondary school,learning under Yin Qun Laoshi.
But I still continue private lessons under Zhang Laoshi.
She expelled me,and took me in again,and expelled me,and took me again.
For countless of times.

She told my mother,I have the talent,but I always come late for her lesson,miss her class without informing her. Yada yada yada.
My teacher left and in came another teacher,ms Vicky,Zhen Hui Zen Laoshi. I went for her lessons as well,and recently attended a competition which I did not put in my best effort due to my own fear for the stage kind of stuffs.
And my private teacher often changes,one that stayed with me until now,and allowed me to score a distinction for my grade 9 while I was in sec2,was my bf,Coligar aka Ben aka Bo Han.

HE would teach me,make me practice over and over again.
He would count over and over again to make sure I get my tempo right.
He would make sure I held the mood right.
He would make sure that before I had the mood right,I get the full score technically right.
He would make sure I played it correctly,making me repeat for thousands of times,hours just on 2 segments(2 xiao jie,4-16 beats,depending on how fast).

I think,in the end,it's probably worth it. Cause i scored distinction for it.
I love him,he's the best =D

Believe me,he is also the only teacher that
I ever sulk at,
pull long faces at,
throw tantrums at,
cried at,
stared at,
talk back at,
showed attitude with.

Okay,because he's my boyfriend!
But no,he only scolded me more and go harder on me.
Anyway,I firmly held on my utmost respect for my other teachers as well.
As for my friends,I have die hard ones who started since pri 2 or pri 3(8 or 9)
and have been learning till now. We worked hard,our efforts are paid off once we're on the stage. We occasionally do get challenges from pigs who thought they knew something and can bully us just because we keep quiet. There have been quarrels,there has been laughters.
I love the days where we would go to each other's house and play together or duet.
Diploma shall be next year,because I missed the registration dates for this year. Trust me,I'll make the best out of my passion.
Guzheng,my love.

Grade 8
Grade 9
Something perhaps you would like to read,it's nothing much.
And here's my bf's link,just to prove to you how good he is. Take your time,I would recommend these for you to hear.
彝族舞曲 Yi Zu Wu Qu
井岗山上太阳红 JingGangShanShangTaiYangHong
Canon in D
禅院钟声 Chan Yuan Zhong Sheng

I still need advice on those 2 dress!

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