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Monday, December 08, 2008

I am very pissed off with my bro because he delaying to lend me his phone,and hence,I cannot upload pictures. Especially when I wanna rant about the stupid job agency that I went. Never mind,let's leave that to next time.
Anyway,my competition is over. I wore a white dress,what surprise me was that everyone wore white shirt,long-sleeve and black pants. To say it nan ting,they look like amah or waitress.
The result is:


Yes,I'm not afraid to say that. I felt that it was a good one,not very hard.
Those who deserved to get into the second round certainly got in.
Those who's xian(string) is loose,an ying not accurate,too nervous or played without feelings were out. I was extremely nervous,hands were trembling. And lots of places weren't well-played. Yin laoshi's daughter never got in,which I'm surprise. But I've not heard her play so,well,I don't know.

Gerald: How was it just now
YingZi: Okay. Why? What do you think of it?
Gerald: Ok lor.. I did better than my norm
YingZi: Oh,thats' good.
Gerald: Since this year's people not that strong and moreover I don't have time to go to finals because I want to concentrate on my violin and piano,i decided to use only half of my ability and play and play just half as well =)
YingZi: Lol,I see.
Gerald: So see the year after bah.. If its competitive den I'll win
YingZi: Lol,okay,champion.

Thinking what I'm thinking?
Anyway,since I never got in,I shall be free until next year!
Yes,you guys can jio me out already!
And I shall continue to practice for my diploma which I had missed this year.
By the time I'm suppose to enter poly/jc,I'll be 18 already.
Should I postpone my studies and go for further studies in music at BeiJing?
It's a good idea though. But we shall see then.

After the competition,I went home and then head off to borders at expo with shermaine.
Had a fun time chatting,and there's millions of people there.

BILLIONS of books.

I bought a total of 6 books and spend only $33+. Cool eh?
After that we went for dinner at Tampines.
Mmm mmm,dinner IS delicious when you are hungry!
And I recieve a call from pure asking where am I.
Damn,I made a mistake and the time we're suppose to meet was 2 hours earlier.
So I rushed down to sembawang,only to walk one round at the park looking for sky and the filming team,and then realise that the whole thing was over.
I shouldn't have gone. But it's okay,at least I got to see how Wei Li looks like.
Look like:
In the avatar pic=Ah pek
(cause of the dyed hair,sunglass and cigg)
In the dark=Cute
(already say is in the dark right? cannot see a thing)
Under the light=OMG. AH BENG.
(ear stud. look so fierce)

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