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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Here's the company which I wanted to rant about.

TCC ManPower Pte Ltd

This company is sort of like Recruit Express.
You go there,apply,they will give you training and 5 star hotels will hire you as their waitress.
Yeah,you might meet some handsome angmos!
If you have dyed hair,the first thing they tell you is that they will not be giving you an application form. She proceeded to hand out an application form and a criteria form to your friend and ignore you completely,as if you don't exist!
It don't matter to them how far away are you living from their office,or how are you dressed up.
I quarreled with her,saying that the man/woman on the phone did not mention the requirements,or dyed hair wasn't allowed. She stared at me,and argued back that I too,did not say that I have dyed hair.


"What is your name?"
You muthafugging bitch.
"Zoe? Is that your full name? I want your full name"
"Yes,that is my full name."
You slut.
"You sure?"
"Yes. What is it? You may tell me directly here."
"Is that so? I see it pointless to talk to you here. I want to speak to your manager directly. I already said your staff had not explain any requirements and now,YOU have made me run all the way here only to tell me this."
"Alright,I will give you an application form but the next time you come back here,your hair has to be dyed back to black."
(whatever,amos received the call and that's what the person on the phone said)

Anyway,we filled up the form,gave our ezlink for her to photocopy.
She said we're not allowed to work in hotels because we're under 16.
Man,you're a total bitch.
The man on the phone said that there's no age requirement and now you're telling us a different story. Please don't give me the heck-care look and tell us it's not your problem.
Zoe~ Oh zoe~

I absolutely do not look down on those from china who came here to work.
BUT,I hate their irritating behaviour such as this and second,act as if they know any english.
Stop speaking in broken english,we absolutely do not understand you and is best if you just use chinese,not as if we don't know Mandarin.
Can you see her frigging round and fat face?
Goldfish eyes?

She's from china,the lady next to her is also from china.


Uh,I think there's malaysians,myanmar,indians and maybe one or two singaporeans who has unspeakable reasons to be working there.

Requirements of waitress by them:
White Long sleeve shirt
Black skirt at knee length
Clog shoes
Combed back hair,gel frizzy hair
Netting for bun

Does that not sound like a amah from the Little Nonya?

Gosh,I hope I'm not going to be sued.

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