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Saturday, December 20, 2008

If,IF Ben and I are together,once again,
I know how you will guys feel,but please don't be angry.
I won't come crying to you if he's cheated on me again,I will cry to myself.

Was suppose to go to Adam's(Ms Shamirah's brother) party at Changi today,
but was wayyyy too ADDICTED to Desperate Housewives to leave the house.
I texted him if he wanna meet up,a couple hours later he called.
So we met up at Bugis and then went to Marina Square to watch
'Ip Man'

A super duper nice show,the kungfu was very amazing,I strongly recommend all of you to watch it!I rate the shows 5 stars! We caught the 11.35pm show and it ended at 1.30am. He was very noisy in the movies,kept pestering me whether we can patch or not. I told him wait until the show ends then we talk about it. We step out and the sky was very nice,brownish and windy.

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