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Sunday, December 14, 2008

After going to Ubin and turning in at 8.30am,I woke up at 2pm and went to meet Bao Chun at Somerset MRT for lunch.
He and his friends were waiting for me at Cineleisure Famous Amos shop.
After realising that Sakura's Dinner Buffet starts only at 6 and there's like another 1 and half hour more to go,we went to Heeren and CineLeisure to play arcade.
Bao Chun was very nice la,bought me the Prestige Chocolate.
I haven't tasted one since ages,
and this time he got me a mixture of Whiskey,Champagne and Red Wine!

And we went to cine's arcade,played for awhile and we went off to Sakura.
There was a long queue and we paid a total o $178.95 for 6 people.
Bao Chun treated me for this dinner,so ex la.
But very very very delicious,it's my first time here!
The food here is very fresh,and very delicious.
I ate a lot of salmon,and cakes,and shark fin.
I ate 4 bowls of this!
Shark fin,probably full of starch.
Many salmon!
Super nice pudding!
I'm such a glutton=p
Then we head off to bugis street,sls and I went back to meet Ben while the rest went off.
We had a drink at Starbucksm,walk around and then caught a midnight movie,Twilight.

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