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Wednesday, November 05, 2008

You know what?
Last night at 2am,i suddenly realize that there's higher chinese exam today!
Then i quickly sms out to everyone,asking them.
Zzz,monique and Li Zhen told me today that they saw the msg,but they were sleeping so they didn't reply.

Anyway,thank god that MARK is still awake! And he told me,whew,thanks goodness!

Was on time to the bus stop,but the frigging bus was late 20min!
I saw the bus at the traffic light already,but the time is 7.35am.

Hailed a cab,was a bit hesitant though cause it looked like it's a slowwwwwww driver.
Indeed it is.
Fuck,purposely slow down in front of traffic lights and let cars take over us.
And it's moving at 50km/h!
Hello! Highway also go at 50km/h?! I thought everyone should be going at 120km/h or something liao?! Some more he don't even know how to change lanes,follow behind the slow cars. Fuchsia!*
Anyway,reached school at 7.55am,borrowed dictionary and went in for exam.

Guzheng today. Ms Vicky was real angry about Gerald and Wei Fang not coming.Well... I do agree with what she say la. You wanna know ah? Jia Yi they all lor,or go gerald's blog. He scold until so funny.

Went to east coast for dinner with Farhan today and chatted at the beach.
Sweet,I saw zack,and miss lee jay gee too,I think.

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