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Sunday, November 02, 2008

Went to watch 'The Coffin' yesterday with a online friend and his bro.
Cool,he's not as bad-looking as he said himself to be.
Anyway,we caught a 1.35am show at Ehub.

He came to fetch me at 11.35pm and we took a couple of wrong turns,thanks to his bro's 'good' GPS navigation. But it was hilarious la,lucky we never get the the 11.30pm show cause otherwise it'd be too rush liao. Head off to mac and then to the theatre.

A couple of good scares,suspense. But bad storyline and don't really have link.
Wouldn't suggest the guys to watch it because all along the girls were screaming,the guys were laughing. But hey guys,if you wanna take advantage of your girl and make her cling onto you,this one IS the show.

After the movie,he send me home and i sms with stupid girl awhile.
So late liao also haven't sleep,talk about the trip.
Sad,mama might not allow me to go with her and her family cause too expensive.

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