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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Went out with Amosatlantis yesterday.
He brought me to job interview at the standard chartered building.
Nice view of the city,but the water is really very dirty!

After that we both decided that since we haven't been into Fullerton Hotel before,we shall go in. Saw a lot of Ang Mo,high tea dining,tasting champagne. And we saw the 'President's Design Award' going on at Ballroom 3. Mmmm,I just like the atmosphere at Fullerton Hotel. I was reminded of last year,I had been invited there for high tea,but I have play my guzheng there! It's so embaressing,what if I play the wrong note? Wrong tempo? Oh well,I got so freak out that I turn down the invitation.

Anyway,we went to ACM(across Fullerton Hotel)and sat down to chat while waiting for his friends to reply if they'll be joining us for dinner. There was this guy,in office suit,walk past us 3 times,and he had this sly smile on his face,kept looking at us.

We decided to head off to Marina Square for dinner,as we went pass esplanade,we nearly went to Max Brenner's to have chocolate fondue. Gosh,I tell you,they have the best one ever! You guys should really try it. Max Brenner@esplanade level 1. But we still went to Kenny Roger's @ marina square. I had the fish with pasta,cheese marcoroni(forever my favorite) and potatoes. He had half a chicken with potatoes and... Mash potatoes!

Favorite muffin too!

As usual,muffins were serve first before we even ordered. Turned out that it was actually the new policy. They have not changed the menu yet. After a very delicious dinner,we paid the bill.
Well,I realise that they made a mistake,that I order another side dish which I didn't. The waitress look at me,I look at her. She went back and discuss with the manger. Horror dawn me as I realise that the picture in the menu was already showing 2 side dish on the plate itself,not that I can order another 2 side dish! It was my mistake,I was prepare to pay for it,but yet at the same time,reprimand them to change the menu because it is very very misleading.

BUT. The manager admit that it was their fault for charging me extra (O.o?) and waive the extra side dish. So from $51.60,minusing the $2.60 side dish can become $46.80. Wow,all the service charge and GST... Oh well,it's a very nice dinner. I change 2 of my side dish to take-away because I was very full already. And so,we head back home,but not before dropping by to Charles and Keith again to check out... YES,BOOTS.
I really need them,parties are coming up.

I change my mind about buying and we parted at the MRT station.
When I reach bedok,I recalled and realise something,where the hell are my kenny roger's pastas?! I think,I left them at Charles and Keith seats while I was trying out the boots.
Me and Amosatlantis

Parties are coming up,join us!
For more info,please visit Amos
But do come,because there'll be a lot of babes and hunks going!
So am I and Amos,we'll be going,so,join us!

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