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Sunday, November 09, 2008

So many things need to blog about,i'm damn lazy.
Don't feel like talking damn lot today.

One word of advise for those who works out in gym,
Don't ever,EVER,go to tampines gym.
They restricted lots of things and are damn stupid.
Even my friend,a bodybuilder doesn't work out there.

Quote of the day(saturday):
Siao Ee Shuen will never scream in pleasure if he were to have sex.

Hm,leads you wondering right? Whether he won't scream at all while having sex,or,
he will scream in pain or something(cause kena rape by wifey?).
Jia Ding,Shermaine and I were laughing our asses off while he whacks us,especially me and shermaine cause he wants to see her cry(O.o) and me because I said i'm going to blog about this.

Anyway,class chalet will be confirmed again after we've discussed it with XM,LH.

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