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Sunday, November 16, 2008

Do I have to travel half around the world
to realize that the guy whom
I truly love is only next to me?

Li Hui and me the other day while bowling with JD and ES

Gosh,super busy these days. So I shall just summarise.
After the camp went to recee with sky,pure and QR(new member).
The stupid kampong had many stray dogs and we got chased by them twice!

The next day went to Wild Wild Wet with Shermaine, JD and 2 of his friends.
Sheesh,had a little bit of suntan now.
And after that shermaine treated us Macdonalds with the money she earned from baby-sitting!
Cool,I'm looking forward to staying at her place and maybe play with the baby.
Shermaine,quickly ask your mom!

Anyway,then at night went to Old Changi Hospital BBQ.
But change to eating tidbits there. Boring,we went to scare the whole bunch of malays and indians who came in and made the whole place so noisy. It's very funny,we hide inside the toilet and triper used something to whack the wall,made some low moans and quickly close the door. And we heard them saying,"Who's that?" They came in to investigate,and push the door open.
My god,i thought they will find us,but no,they push halfway and went to other cubicles to see. Meanwhile,sky,her friend,my bro,triper and me were pressing ourselves against the wall. Gosh,it's soooo funny because they keep taking pictures of the toilet and the cubicle that we're in,not knowing behind the half closed door,we're hiding behind waiting to scare them!
Cut the long story short,we went back and pack up to leave because I was tired. Reached home at 4am. Msn awhile and went to bed.

Today went to Bugis Minds Cafe,is a board games cafe,like the one i went with my cousins at Balmoral plaza. Had a lot of fun there with Telvin Kor and his 2 army friends. Then went to watch Madagascar2 with his friends. So funny and nice to watch la!
Certainly worth the money to watch it ;)

Then went to meet Jing Wei and Kat they all for steamboat,just nice at Bugis too!
It's so expensive,and I didn't eat that much either.
Until 10+ then leave to meet telvin again,to pay him money.
Got dragged by him to play pool with his 2 friends.
Cabbed home.

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