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Saturday, November 22, 2008

I went out with amosatlantis again,for a job interview.
Geez,I've been running around singapore looking for jobs! Anyway,I was late 15min and reached the place at 3pm. Um,cause I was up late? Lol. Anyway,I think Amos and I have a higher chance of getting the job as the rest of those who came for the interview were either inappropriately dressed or not treating the job seriously,laughing and chatting away loudly. Though it's not some important,high-paying job,impression still counts.
And after that,we went to another Recruit Express located at ngee ann city. This time,we're in for a bigger shock.

Recruit Express is totally unreliable for a job. They did not explain clearly that only 16 and above is allowed to apply. Secondly,look at their office,it's so busy,there's so many people walking around. They can be smiling to you nicely and had handing you forms to fill in,the next min,they've forgotten about you already.

Anyway,we went for dinner at Takashimaya and met up with his relatives,3 of them.
Then we walk back to the MRT to head down to Marina Square while JiaYing and XinYi went to dhoby ghaut to buy her books. See? Stupid right? Come town to buy books. Ask them to come movies with us they don't want. Anyway,played at the arcade,then buy tickets.

Freakingly annoyed.

The damn woman kept wanting to check our ICs because we wanted to watch 'Body of Lies'. Amos of course can watch,so does his relatives,except for one,who's thirteen only. Anyway,she couldn't understand what was written on their IC,cause it's a foreign IC. Oh boy,what a bad impression the cinemas in Singapore have held for the tourists. Anyway,they refused to sell us the tickets,not even the relatives who were actually able to watch! So we changed the movie to 'Beverly Hills Chihuahua'.

Great! My favorite show. It's very nice and if you're a dog lover,you totally should watch the show! Though I'm not so keen on 'Body of Lies',but it's still NOT FAIR for them! Seriously,I tell you her name,bad woman:
Minnie Z****
Should be able to guess when you see her. Seriously,she's got a 'minnie' pea-size brain in that head of hers. Next time if she ever serves me,I'll pour a bucket of lice down her.

'Body of Lice'.

After movies,we went back and I went to Changi Airport to wait for Desmond. Damn him,the waiter refuse a seat because I'm 5minutes late,5mins past the closing time. What the hell? I can't be bothered to argue so I went to sit at one of the seats at Departure Hall. Damn,low batt again and Pure had chatted with me on the phone halfway,and it's dead batt. Found des after walking around T3,then went to yin quan's house. Had red wine while chatting. Dad came to fetch and I reach home,slept at 5am.

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