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Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Hello Pretties and Handsomes!
Betcha realise the nuffnang logo,thanks to Amos,who helped me to put the logo cause where ever i put,it's wrong!
Anyway,went out with XinYi on sunday after she went to meet her dear.
Guess what?
Her dear is her cousin! Omg! Go girl,don't think of what others might say.
Stupid Xt and ger don't wanna come out.

Anyway,went to mondo first to try out a couple of boots,but it's way too expensive.
And we head off to Charles and Keith. At least there,she bought a nicer pair of high heels which are really hot! And I found the boots there much better,not so pointed.

Oh,and this is the first time I ever complimented a staff for her service attitude.
(yeah yeah,i know i always complain about service,but hey,you guys get to enjoy the priviledges too right?)
Her name is Hui Yuan,staff of Charles & Keith.
She was patient and attentive to what I want.
Even though I said I don't want it,she smiled warmly and took it back.
And I decided to try a smaller size,so I called for her again.
And again,I gave it back without buying and again,she said it's okay,and with a smile.
Really,it is sincere and though the place was really really crowded,she was attentive.
Does she not deserve a compliment?;D

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