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Monday, November 10, 2008

Happy birthday to Intel!
Went out with him to Marina Square to eat Swensens. I was late for the movie,so we didn't watch it in the end. But hm,left 2 seats in the front row,so it sucks a lot anyway.
I had salmon and mushroom pasta while he had chicken chop,skipped desserts cause we're too full.
We chatted and exchange phone to play.

Went to find pure after that,at Serangoon Central,drink a bit of Carlsberg.
So yucky,i totally hate beers. Wine tasted so much better!

I totally hate people who woo 2 person at one time.
Case No.1
He tell me that he like me,even make comments and say wanted to marry me.
All my friends say"Eh,yingzi,I tell you,if you ever go with that guy,don't come and talk to me."
You know why? He paid a bridal package halfway for him and his ex,then his ex run off. Now he wants to get serious with me,can even bring me to the bridal shop and put down my name as his wife. I ask him why he don't people to know,Here's what he say to me in sms:
"Hmm. . Because the apple have not ripe so keep low profile first until the apple ripe and can be eaten than its the time to let the ppl know mah. But I really hope really hope we can be together and care for each other than i have the confidence to say u will be my future wife i admit that i'm very anxious . This is because when a guy success is because the women behin him and when a girl have a guy to support what she is doing she will have bright future too. Its good that u have a loving caring wife who is behind u supporting what u are doing and for u urself i will try to be a loving caring husband and what u do i will be there to support. If u are ready to be with me u can tell me then we can start out relationship I have set 3 years for us to be topfether before we decide whether we want to settle down ok"
What the FUCK?
You think you're so handsome that is YOU who decide you must set the time for us to settle down ah? What? Women? Wow,you really try to cheat a lot of women right? Even cheated HER.
SHE went together with you for a week,during that week you can even come and woo me? What kind of pussy are you? I ask you if you like her,you say no and all along you like me only.
You are short.
You are ugly.
Stop asking me if I have feelings for you,BECAUSE I DON'T.
And I don't like show-offs.
I don't like people who have an extra eye.

F you man,luckily we spoke and realise that YOU SAY THE SAME THING TO EVERY GIRL.

Case No.2
All along sitting in front of you,I ever considered us before. But when I saw your messages,wow,wooing another girl named Angeline Yau while wooing me also? What do you think I am? Wah lao,you keep telling me you like me and me only. Alright,fine. Go and woo her instead,chasing 2 at one time,i will see who is going to be your unlucky girlfriend. I have had enough of this shit.
Second thing,I didn't know you're so evil. You're one of them.
Even though I am a neutral party,but I didn't expect you to say such things to another person.
By the way,just think about it,if that person tells you that it's okay,there's always other girls out there. Don't you think that it's a sad thing that because of him,we cannot be together?

All I can say is,this 2 people are not even qualified for me to think can waste time on them.

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